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"More time around the dinner table with family and friends, less time over the sink with dirty dishes."



                                      Welcome, hungry surfers, to my food-loving alter ego blog, One Pan Nan. My husband Charlie gave                                           me the name years ago and it stuck, growing into a food blog, a cookbook, and a mission!

When Charlie and I got married, I and my new found cooking-confidence started working on the dishes from my childhood-yummy southern casseroles. Now, Charlie grew up on a farm in Maryland and he was use to a meat and 3 vegetables on his plate, and none of them touched.  So when I served him those casseroles, he looked at the plate with its one squared-shaped serving and said, "What's this? What are you trying to do? Cook everything in one pan, Nan?" One Pan Nan was born. 

It's my mission to help you have more time around the table with the ones you love, enjoying great-tasting, easy to prepare meals, and less time cleaning up afterwards because one-pan cooking means one-pan cleanup!  And who wants to wash more dishes, right?!  I hope you enjoy these recipes-some I've created through trial and error and many have been collected through the years from family, friends, neighbors, and yes, roommates.  

Thanks for visiting!!

I grew in a family full of great cooks, so I never needed to learn how to cook. All I had to do was show up to the dinner table.  And you never had to call me twice to come to supper because I'm all about the eatin'.  But when I moved away from home, I had to learn to cook because I was going broke from eating out and I was starving for a home cooked meal. Thankfully, a talented roommate took me under her wing and assured me that with a few go-to recipes, I would be on my way. And with her help, I slowly started becoming a cook.


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